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Nu Ag

Transforming Farming for Good

Our food system has propped up a few massive winners at the expense of local farmers. Small and mid-size processing facilities have been pushed out, leaving few options for small farms wishing to make a decent living and farm sustainably. Small farms often have to spend considerable time and money trucking products far away to processing facilities or consumers. Small farmers often do not have adequate infrastructure or financial assistance to tap into growing consumer demand for local and nutritious food.


The Challenge

The Solution

Nu Ag is an initiative to help small New Jersey farms tackle these challenges by employing innovative supply chain and processing strategies and enhancing their marketing and sales capabilities. With a focus on local and on-farm processing, Nu Ag is drawing the playbook for local food communities through strategic partnerships, grants, fundraising, and marketing and sales expertise. Local processing solutions allow farmers to reduce operational costs and safeguard their products’ quality.

Nu Ag also provides operational and financial assistance. Through strategic partnerships, Nu Ag hopes to connect farmers to flexible capital enabling them to boost their profitability and sustainability profiles. Many farmers do not have the time or resources to adequately manage social media strategy, customer acquisition strategies, pricing, strategic partnerships, and proper record-keeping. Nu Ag advises farmers on best practices designed to cut costs, expand revenue streams, increase margins, and acquire new customers.

Nu Ag aims to help small farms minimize harmful inputs, reduce trucking and energy costs, boost resilience, and connect with businesses and consumers wishing to promote local food systems focused on nutrition, ecosystem preservation, and humane treatment of animals. As farms improve their operations, Nu Ag uses a proprietary tool to help farms better understand their carbon footprint and identify opportunities to act more sustainably.  

Lastly, Nu Ag capitalizes on key New Jersey relationships to help serve those most in need by partnering up with organizations focused on homelessness, education, and food insecurity. There are incredible opportunities to connect small farmers to philanthropic organizations to ensure young children and families at risk receive nutritious food.