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Working Meals

Working Meals provides financial support to restaurants so they can feed their furloughed workers and the frontline healthcare workers in their community

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WORKING MEALS is a fundraising campaign to supply those in need with nourishment and energy during these uncertain times.  Our consortium of restaurants have joined together to help support their communities, their furloughed workers, and frontline healthcare workers - all of whom have been deeply affected by COVID-19.  

Our mission comes from the very nature of the restaurant business - food.   Our restaurant owners are using the funds we raise to provide meals to their laid-off workers.  Doing so, their businesses are being kept alive and operating even as they help to sustain their displaced workers through these difficult times and offer a much needed source of sales to the farmers whose products they purchase.  The very nature of this symbiotic relationship drives success and sustainable relationships for the economy, employer/employee relationships, farmers and the community at large.

Powered by The Decency Foundation, the WORKING MEALS campaign operates as a 501c3 and allows those restaurants to focus on what is important while we take care of the accounting, allocation and finances.


THE DECENCY FOUNDATION is a values-based not-for-profit that focuses on incubating, supporting, and growing organizations committed to adding value to their community and being decent in their treatment of workers, animals, and the environment.

The Decency Foundation believes we are at an inflection point in our culture (now more than ever with COVID-19).  The notion of “profit” no longer just means “shareholder value”, but rather a higher value based on a belief in morals, ethics, and standards that will fundamentally alter behavior between employer and employee, patron and restaurant, farmer and animal, as well as the environment and communities in which we live.  We believe that these higher social values are as measurable as the historic financial values of the for-profit business world.

Understanding the critical nature of our economy and the importance of restaurants as part of our food supply and as a cultural hub to local communities, The Decency Foundation is hyper-focused - in this time of crisis - on supporting, promoting, and funding WORKING MEALS.  

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