The Nu Metric

Corporate America is increasingly focusing attention on sustainability, stakeholder capitalism, and social return on investment, which aims to measure environmental and social value unaccounted for in traditional financial reporting. The Decency Foundation is focusing on the other end of the spectrum, working with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which comprise 99% of all firms–to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their treatment of employees, customers, suppliers, and the larger community.      

Beginning with the small farm sector, The Decency Foundation is developing the Nu Metric, a tool designed to monitor and measure SMEs’ social and environmental performance in real time. Relying on quantitative and qualitative data, the Nu Metric will allow The Decency Foundation to: (1) gauge a project’s fit with its values-based mission; (2) provide ongoing analysis and recommendations for improving a project’s environmental/social footprint; and (3) develop strategies that improve users’ social/environmental practices while driving financial sustainability and growth. Beyond its specific project initiatives, The Decency Foundation will facilitate Nu Metric’s adoption by SMEs looking for a practical tool to effectively assess and enhance their social and environmental performance.  

The Decency Foundation recently brought on an experienced research team led by Lucy Hurst, Nigel Holloway, and Maria-Luiza Apostolescu to develop the Nu Metric. Their extensive research and thought leadership with the Economist Intelligence Unit and Barilla Food Sustainability Index will help make the Nu Metric a valuable and accessible tool for small farms and small businesses across all industries. We are also examining critical interpersonal dynamics to help guide business leaders to infinitely better relationships with their employees, communities, and all external stakeholders.