Lexi Grossman, October 30 2020

Competing as a Small Farm: Growing Decently

When meat production is controlled by an oligopoly of four companies, it can be nearly impossible for small companies to compete, however Covid-19 has shined a light on some of the issues that this kind of control has caused in America. Shutdowns, shortages, and spreading of the virus showed us all how dangerous centralized meat productions can be. This video focuses on Cody Hopkins, his wife Andrea, and the GrassRoots Coop, who, like The Decency Foundation, joined together to support independent farms and butchers. 

This coop shares our mission in supporting small farms and small batch production. The Decency Foundation, and Nu.Ag, is working to build a strong, healthy, socially and environmentally responsible community. Our efforts focus on bringing the needed technology, training, and support to local farmers to help them compete in an agriculture industry where doing so can be quite difficult. With a commitment to supporting the local farmer we, like The GrassRoots Coop aim to transform community farming... for good.

Please view the video below to take a glance into some of the current problems in the agriculture industry, the GrassRoots Coop, and our shared goal of improving local/sustainable agriculture.

Written by

Lexi Grossman

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