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Lexi Grossman, October 6 2020

Covid-19's Impact on Food Supply

In this CNBC documentary “Supermarket Shock: Crisis in America’s Food Supply Chain”, take a look inside the impact Covid-19 has had on the American food supply chain. The video features our co-founder, Jon McConaughy and Double Brook Farm, to show how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected their closed loop food system. Their Farm features an onsight slaughterhouse, butcher shop, bakery, market and restaurant, providing the local community with a safe and secure food resource during the pandemic.

We’ve seen how necessity drives invention, and this documentary highlights how local farmers and production chains have been able to step up to continue to safely and sustainably support their communities during this peculiar time. While this process has not been without its difficulties, local supply chains have successfully adapted in ways that maintain the integrity of their “decent” and socially conscious practices while the world around them continues to rapidly change. Some have shifted their farm-to-table model to farm-to-front door while others have focused on smaller production and reduced human contact. If you have the time, we suggest watching the full “Supermarket Shock” video linked here, however there is also a shorter 5 minute clip that touches on the shifts and successes of these local supply chains linked here.

The Decency Foundation acknowledges the difficulties facing the agriculture sector during this time, admires all they have done to adapt, and continues to work towards a more decent and sustainable future.

Written by

Lexi Grossman

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