Rebecca Tham, Staff Writer, October 4 2021

Founder's Focus: Jeff Garson

One of our co-founders, Jeff Garson, has been hard at work promoting his book, Radical Decency: A Values-Based Approach to a Better Life and World. The concept of radical decency emphasizes how important it is to be decent to yourself, others and the world and how to actively practice it. When it comes to The Decency Foundation, we are practicing this concept in agriculture with our primary venture, Nu.Ag. This philosophy is the basis for our foundation and the decent model we're bringing to business, specifically to this country's current agriculture system. Nu.Ag works with small business farmers to implement more sustainable and decent practices while making a profit. By bringing processing equipment back onto the farm, consulting with these small farmers, and ensuring that the land, animals, and people on the farm are treated well, we bring decency back to agriculture, one farm at a time.

We want to spotlight one of Jeff's recent interviews with the Smart People Podcast because he goes into detail about how to bring radical decency to all kinds of businesses (and gives a nod to Nu.Ag!). As Jeff emphasizes, if we can bring this concept into every area of life, whether that be business, agriculture, or our personal lives, we will all lead better lives.

Listen to the podcast by clicking Smart People Podcast's logo, and be sure to follow Jeff on LinkedIn to follow his journey!

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Rebecca Tham, Staff Writer

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