Lexi Grossman, January 6 2021

Radical Decency (The Book) is now available!

We have some exciting news from our co-founder Jeff Garson!

Jeff has spent the last 6 years of his life devoted to the concept of Radical Decency, A values-based approach to living that emphasizes decency to self, others, and the world. This concept of Radical Decency has become a pillar of our work at The Decency Foundation, and all of the writing that Jeff has done to support and explain this concept is now available to the public in a book!

Radical Decency, the book, describes the values-based approach for getting from "here," our highly competitive, me-first world – with all the anxiety, dissatisfaction and malaise it breeds -- to "there;" a life in which we apply our best values in all that we do. Set for general release in late January, it is NOW AVAILABLE -- as an ebook from Amazon or in hard copy directly through the Foundation

INTERESTED? Here’s what you can do...

BUY THE BOOK HERE! It’s a great read, filled with stories that vividly illuminate the pitfalls and life-changing possibilities inherent in this values-based approach to life. You can also reach out to us directly (info@thedecencyfoundation.org) if you would prefer that all proceeds go directly to the foundation!

AND SPREAD THE WORD TO YOUR FRIENDS! Who isn’t looking for their next good read? And best of all, since all sales dollars are going to the Foundation, you’ll be supporting our efforts to bring decency to the pivotally important world of business -- and beyond.

Thank you for your support! We hope you all have a wonderful, and decent, day!

Written by

Lexi Grossman

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