Our Values

Our society is in the headwinds of a values crisis. The byproduct of our obsession with “success” – with money as its primary measure – is a world littered with inequity, injustice, and disturbing levels of personal dis-ease. The Foundation offers a values-based response to this, the values-based challenge we face; grounding its work in Radical Decency, the approach to living developed by co-founder Jeff Garson.  

Respect | Acceptance | Understanding | Empathy | Appreciation | Fairness | Justice

Applying these values, day-by-day, is very challenging; a problem compounded by the fact we typically spend very little time thinking about what that means. So our ability to draw on Garson’s experience and extensive writings is pivotal as we seek to make good on our values-based aspirations.

The Radical Decency message to business is realistic and positive. Insisting on decency to self as well as others, it fully embraces businesses’ money-making imperative even as it challenges them to pursue decency to others with focus and persistence. And by emphasizing the intrinsic personal rewards of committed decency practice, it offers an essential motivator to owner/operators as they grapple with the unremitting pressure to make profitability their sole measure of success.

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