Founder's Focus: Jeff Garson

Rebecca Tham, Staff Writer, October 4 2021

One of our co-founders, Jeff Garson, has been hard at work promoting his book, Radical Decency: A Values-Based Approach to a Better Life and World. The concept of radical decency emphasizes how important it is to be decent to yourself, others and the world and how to actively practice it. When it comes to The Decency Foundation, we are practicing t...

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A DECENT READ PART 2: Soil Health & Regenerative Agriculture

Rebecca Tham, Staff Writer, September 10 2021

Welcome to the second week of A Decent Read! This week, we wanted to highlight some resources we’ve related to soil health. The Decency Foundation is dedicated to taking great care of the land we farm.  We believe DECENCY is rooted in the land from which we are nourished. Though farmers working in agriculture know about the importance of healthy so...

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Rebecca Tham, Staff Writer, August 30 2021

The Decency Foundation is introducing a new series called A Decent Read, in which we will share some of the books, podcasts, articles, and other media that relate to our foundation’s focus. Our team is constantly educating ourselves on numerous topics, ranging from sustainable agriculture practices, food security, nutrition, and what it means to ru...

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Regeneration at Wyebrook Farm

Rebecca Tham, Staff Writer, June 22 2021

Jeff Dill and Scott Simpson, the new owners of Wyebrook Farm in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, share their innovative vision for this historic farmland. The land at Wyebrook has been farmed for over 200 years, and previous owners proudly used environmentally friendly practices to feed the local community. Now, Jeff and Scott are continuing that legacy...

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Jon McConaughy, Transformational Farmer, Shares 3 Important Lessons for Community Farming

Rebecca Tham, Staff Writer, May 3 2021

Have diversity in your products, farming techniques, and environment. The more diverse your practices are as a farmer, the better off you’ll be. You can protect yourself against failure: failure in one of your products, in the market (if something becomes more or less desirable), in unforeseen environmental factors.  A lot of second, third, and fou...

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Jared Weeks, Transformative Dairy Farmer in New Jersey

Rebecca Tham, Staff Writer, April 20 2021

You are the owner/founder of Hun-Val. How did you get started in the world of farming? Growing up, I  lived next to family friends who owned a dairy farm. My whole childhood, my three sisters and I would go over during the summer. We lived in a pretty small town, so it was easy to ride our bikes down there and help out. We were also involved in 4-H...

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A conversation with Co-Founder, Jeff Garson, about his new Book, Radical Decency

Rebecca Tham, Staff Writer, April 1 2021

Jeff Garson, co-founder of The Decency Foundation, recently released a book that outlines the values-based approach and philosophy that guides the Foundation’s work. Garson discusses how he uses radical decency to improve the lives around him, and how he applies it to the Foundation’s current venture, Nu.Ag.

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Radical Decency (The Book) is now available!

Lexi Grossman, January 6 2021

We have some exciting news from our co-founder Jeff Garson! Jeff has spent the last 6 years of his life devoted to the concept of Radical Decency, A values-based approach to living that emphasizes decency to self, others, and the world. This concept of Radical Decency has become a pillar of our work at The Decency Foundation, and all of the writing...

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Working Meals in the Season of Giving

Lexi Grossman, November 9 2020

Help provide a Thanksgiving dinner to a family in need! The disruption caused by the pandemic has continued to create situations of need and hunger in our communities. Brick Farm Market is working with The Decency Foundation to get food on the table for families in need this Thanksgiving with donations going directly toward a turkey, sides and more...

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Competing as a Small Farm: Growing Decently

Lexi Grossman, October 30 2020

When meat production is controlled by an oligopoly of four companies, it can be nearly impossible for small companies to compete, however Covid-19 has shined a light on some of the issues that this kind of control has caused in America. Shutdowns, shortages, and spreading of the virus showed us all how dangerous centralized meat productions can be....

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