Covid-19's Impact on Food Supply

Lexi Grossman, October 6 2020

In this CNBC documentary “Supermarket Shock: Crisis in America’s Food Supply Chain”, take a look inside the impact Covid-19 has had on the American food supply chain. The video features our co-founder, Jon McConaughy and Double Brook Farm, to show how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected their closed loop food system. Their Farm features an onsight s...

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A Decent Beginning

Newell Thompson, May 19 2020

Starting a new organization is never easy.  The timing, never quite right.  Obstacles abundant.  And, we never could have expected our beginning was going to be in response to a global pandemic.  But, inside of the COVID tsunami, we have launched The Decency Foundation. Long before the world shut down, we had a mission and understanding of what nee...

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