A conversation with Co-Founder, Jeff Garson, about his new Book, Radical Decency

Rebecca Tham, Staff Writer, April 1 2021

Jeff Garson, co-founder of The Decency Foundation, recently released a book that outlines the values-based approach and philosophy that guides the Foundation’s work. Garson discusses how he uses radical decency to improve the lives around him, and how he applies it to the Foundation’s current venture, Nu.Ag.

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Radical Decency (The Book) is now available!

Lexi Grossman, January 6 2021

We have some exciting news from our co-founder Jeff Garson! Jeff has spent the last 6 years of his life devoted to the concept of Radical Decency, A values-based approach to living that emphasizes decency to self, others, and the world. This concept of Radical Decency has become a pillar of our work at The Decency Foundation, and all of the writing...

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Working Meals in the Season of Giving

Lexi Grossman, November 9 2020

Help provide a Thanksgiving dinner to a family in need! The disruption caused by the pandemic has continued to create situations of need and hunger in our communities. Brick Farm Market is working with The Decency Foundation to get food on the table for families in need this Thanksgiving with donations going directly toward a turkey, sides and more...

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Competing as a Small Farm: Growing Decently

Lexi Grossman, October 30 2020

When meat production is controlled by an oligopoly of four companies, it can be nearly impossible for small companies to compete, however Covid-19 has shined a light on some of the issues that this kind of control has caused in America. Shutdowns, shortages, and spreading of the virus showed us all how dangerous centralized meat productions can be....

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Working Meals... Worked!!

Lexi Grossman, October 13 2020

Over the past four months, The Decency Foundation has been running the “Working Meals” campaign to help support restaurant and healthcare workers who have been deeply affected by the coronavirus in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We worked to raise funds with the help of local restaurants to provide meals and groceries to furloughed employees and fron...

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Covid-19's Impact on Food Supply

Lexi Grossman, October 6 2020

In this CNBC documentary “Supermarket Shock: Crisis in America’s Food Supply Chain”, take a look inside the impact Covid-19 has had on the American food supply chain. The video features our co-founder, Jon McConaughy and Double Brook Farm, to show how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected their closed loop food system. Their Farm features an onsight s...

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A Decent Beginning

Newell Thompson, May 19 2020

Starting a new organization is never easy.  The timing, never quite right.  Obstacles abundant.  And, we never could have expected our beginning was going to be in response to a global pandemic.  But, inside of the COVID tsunami, we have launched The Decency Foundation. Long before the world shut down, we had a mission and understanding of what nee...

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